Horror Hospital Escape Granny Game

Horror Hospital Escape Granny Game

The Horror Hospital Escape Granny Game requires you to complete every task while exploring a strange hospital.


It's your job to find one key inside the scary hospital. You succeed when you discover the key and pass to the following level. You can go to the following level. Every level will be unique. Let's carry this out! You should be aware that Granny has the power to end your life at any time. Pay close attention to your surroundings! Show your courage without fear!

A young girl's curiosity and night terrors persisted. The only way to alleviate her mental agony is through this. Admit it! A young man obviously won't leave the girl alone, and our story picks up right where it left off.


  • Unusual music that is totally free.
  • Game that is thrilling and has a frightening theme
  • Upgrade several missions.

How to play

Mouse left: Move

Spacebar: Jump

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