Hammer Raytrace 3D

Hammer Raytrace 3D

Hammer Raytrace 3D arcade is a fantastic game in which the player has the ability to manipulate the beam of light and smash additional levels by making use of lasers, mirrors, doors, and glass.

Instructions for Hammer Raytrace 3D

You will be able to win at Hammer Raytrace 3D if you pay attention to the terrain of each level and devise a plan of attack that allows you to recreate scenes from memory. In order to maneuver the beam of light and go around the many challenges, you may make use of lasers, mirrors, doors, and glass. In Hammer Raytrace 3D, your adversaries are begging you to let loose with your mighty arrows and destroy them. As you go through a variety of stages utilizing your defensive abilities and techniques, let's find out how far you can push your plan.

Main Features

  • A light-hearted strategy game with a challenging gameplay.
  • Bows & Arrows: Defeat adversaries by using bows and arrows.
  • There is a wide variety of arrows available, each of which may be utilized to target a certain foe.
  • Examine and reevaluate your skills.
  • Enhance the capabilities of your heroes.
  • Provide the characters you control with potent equipment.

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