Grimace Vs Skibidi

Grimace Vs Skibidi

Grimace Vs. Skibidi is a hybrid game that brings together Grimace and Skibidi Toilet. Your first objective is to keep your feet on the ground. The more quickly you go, the greater the number of tennis balls that will be launched at you. You are responsible for catching them and returning the bottles to their original location.

Instructions for Grimace Vs Skibidi

Players in the funny survival game Grimace vs. Skibidi Toilet go up against the strangest adversaries imaginable. As Grimace, you must demonstrate quick reflexes in order to defeat the Skibidi aliens by moving quickly and throwing snowballs at them. It is imperative that you keep a tight check on their movements and prevent them from approaching the egg. Joining Grimace in this epic war against the Skibidi invaders is a great opportunity to demonstrate your tactical prowess and lightning-fast reactions.

Main Features

  • Controls that are easy to use in conjunction with outstanding visual effects
  • Equip your car with a variety of weapons.
  • Take part in a variety of fights across a variety of different stages.
  • Increase the number of characters and vehicles.

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How to play

Mouse click or tap to play

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