Granny Prison Horror

Granny Prison Horror

Granny Prison Horror is a fantastic horror game where you must escape the cursed jail in order to progress through 12 levels.


You'll go to jail after seeing Granny Prison Horror. Creepy creatures you can only refer to as "grannies" will be with you. These violent gang members will attempt to exact their vengeance on everyone since they are motivated by hatred and fury. This time, you will be the victim.


You must look around every corner and space if you wish to get away from Granny and her helpers. You'll have to solve riddles to get the building's front door open. To open the front door, you must locate the keys for each lock. You must resist Granny's cunning tricks. Every time, you'll be woken up in the exact spot where she struck you with her club, giving you another day to flee.

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