Good Knight Princess Rescue

Good Knight Princess Rescue

Good Knight Princess Rescue is a fantastic adventure game with a horror theme in which you must locate every key and attempt to fend off every monster.


In the online game Good Knight Princess Rescue, you may assume the role of a gallant knight defending his lover. Terrible beasts are living in the castle. In order to save her, they must be vanquished. With the proper weapon, each monster must be vanquished. You are bold, and the princess will adore you for it.


  • A sword and rocks make up your melee arsenal.
  • Without any violence, a delightful game for kids.
  • Amusing-Looking 3D Monsters
  • beautiful surroundings

How to play

  • Mouse to look around with W A S D
  • To ignite, use the left mouse button.
  • Right-click the mouse button to aim.
  • Weapon switching with the mouse wheel
  • "G for Grenades"
  • F to Pick Up Item F to Reload
  • Right X to Prone Jump in Space, Left Shift to Run Crouch
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