It is an exciting action game, and in order to assault dungeon dwellers, you need to wield your sword. Additionally, you need to raise your shield at the appropriate time in order to prevent attacks.

The rules of Gobdun

You may explore dungeon mazes with Gobdun, and while you do so, you will encounter a lot of hilarious creatures that are adorable. In order to win this game as quickly as possible, you will need to climb the levels as far as you possibly can, with the ultimate goal of reaching the top. Throughout the labyrinth, you will find vending machines and treasure chests, so make sure you don't forget to open them. It is important to keep in mind that your objective is to eliminate the adversary as rapidly as possible while they are in their usual condition.

Main Features

  • Boost the functions of the entertainment system.
  • A graphics-based interactive two-dimensional mining game.
  • Free to play on your own computer.

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