FNF vs Circus Baby

FNF vs Circus Baby

Your objective in FNF versus Circus Baby, a brand new game in the Five Nights at Freddy's Series, is to prevail over Circus Baby in this modification!

Who exactly is this Circus Baby?

She is the secondary adversary in the FNAF series, and she is also the mascot for Afton Robics's creation, Circus Baby's Pizza World. Afton Robics came up with the idea for both of these roles. Her head looks like that of a female clown, complete with a large ponytail on top. I have blue eyes, and my eyelashes are green. Baby is troubled by Elizabeth Afton's ghost.


The key to winning these rhythm games is to strike the notes that are indicated on the charts. To do this, hit the arrow keys in conjunction with the corresponding arrow symbols that float and match above the BF at the same time.

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