FNF Roblox Rainbow Friends: Blue

FNF Roblox Rainbow Friends: Blue

FNF Roblox Rainbow Friends: Blue have been combined to create Rainbow Friends. Your primary purpose is to fight Blue while simultaneously attempting to hide yourself under the box.

Instructions for FNF Roblox Rainbow Friends: Blue

A FNF Roblox Rainbow Friends modification based on the Roblox Horror Mod. Blue. Within a song that Boyfriend has written, Blue will be given the opportunity to fight against Boyfriend. Boyfriend will not have to give in to Blue's intimidation and anxiety in order for him to continue the beat of the song even though Green, Orange, and Purple are going to be listening to our sidekicks singing "Odd Friend." You can sometimes get away with hiding from him even while he is looking directly at you without being murdered.

Songs in FNF Roblox Rainbow Friends: Blue

  • Odd Friend
  • To the very end, friends.


  • Pull to move, and aim at your foes to smash them.
  • If you are playing as a human character, you can eliminate zombies with firearms or swords. If you are a zombie, you can also hunt down humans and infect them with your disease.
  • Experience never-ending gameplay, stunning 3D graphics, and a plethora of customization choices.
  • You can play games both online and offline whenever you choose.

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