FNF: Boyfriend in the Backrooms

FNF: Boyfriend in the Backrooms

FNF: Boyfriend in the Backrooms is the ideal combination of Backrooms and Funkin' Nights At Freddy's in which you must assist the Boy in escaping from the Backrooms backdrop!


The Backrooms Levels mod replaces FNF Weeks. Week 1 is angrier, Tutorial is Level 0, Daddy Dearest has been replaced with a Faceling, and more! What exactly is the Backroom? The Backrooms is a fan-created narrative about another realm where humans may get imprisoned and entities must survive.


His guy has returned after an excursion! The youngster wound himself in the Backstage, a terrible area made real by urban tales. It was a terrifying reality! There were interminable yellow wallpaper hallways and weak illumination from broken office lights. According to mythology, everyone who enters the chamber loses their sanity and turns into a monster. These crazed beasts roam the rooms hunting for a new impoverished person, and they are doomed to become the next prisoner in a warped world.