FNAF: Bizarre Custom Night

FNAF: Bizarre Custom Night

Great FNAF game! FNAF: Bizarre Custom Night is a game in which the player gets to choose the animatronic enemies that they would face over the course of five nights, from midnight to daylight (6 a.m.).


You are a night guard in the video game FNAF: Bizarre Custom Night, which you play as. As the rate of compensation is enough, you should have no need to worry about your future financial security. You have six chances to keep your cool and remain composed among all of the chaos.

You have the ability to select your opponents, much as in the FNAF games. The gallery features a large selection of different types of animatronics. Every single one of them is unique in their own particular ways, and none of them have the slightest resemblance to one another.

How to play

  • Using Mouse
  • Move Left: Arrow Left
  • Move Right: Arrow Right
  • Move Forward: Arrow Up
  • Move Back: Arrow Down
  • Spacebar to jump
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