Five Nights at Candy's

Five Nights at Candy's

The game Five Nights at Candy's, which is a spin-off of Five Nights at Freddy's, is a fun and engaging experience in which the objective is to keep the restaurant functioning after it has closed for the night and to open it up after dark.


Robotic creatures may be rather odd. Make sure the generator is running! Nighttime at the restaurant will be spent in complete darkness, so that Night Vision may be used. Just activating Night Vision requires you to click on any of the cameras. After that, activate Night Vision by clicking the camera icon a second time.

The cameras CAM-04 and CAM-06 are positioned on the opposite side of each door. Night Vision may be utilized to identify whether or not there are any things passing in front of these cameras. The three "mini batteries" that can be found directly above the power meter are one for each of the three office doors that you have.

When a door is closed, the mini-power meter that is located on the inside of the door will begin to fill up. The amount of electricity that a door uses may be measured using little power meters. The longer the door is kept shut, the more electricity is consumed by the mechanism.


  • Night vision mode for the live feed from the monitor
  • A whole new score with creepy melodies, sounds that will freeze your bones, and an atmosphere that will make your skin crawl.
  • Writing that is fascinating and is supported with voice acting that is also convincing as other games in FNAF series!