Filled With Freedom

Filled With Freedom

In the fantastic 3D adventure game Filled with Freedom, you take on the role of a character whose goal is to relocate to the old home of grandparents!


In the horror game Filled With Freedom, you can explore your grandparents' house in a PSX-style setting. What spooky things are you going to find?

He inherited a sizable home from his grandparents that was close to the sea. The couple stayed there for at least 43 years. But he never got to see his family. In order to investigate the inheritance and find out more about them, he makes the decision to visit the strange mansion. This is where our horrible tale starts. First-person horror game "Filled with Freedom" is now accessible. You'll need to take action when you're face to face with the eerie monster that resides in a deserted home.


When you receive the house from your grandparents, the nightmare narrative begins. Maybe you haven't seen them since you were a kid. About them, you don't know much. The location first seems unremarkable, but after spending some time there, it starts to become more fascinating. To let you know where the keys are, a buddy has left you a letter. It says simply that you must locate the house's keys in order to enter. All you want after a long automobile trip is some peaceful time away from the city's bustle. What are the details of your family? You haven't heard a lot about your parents' lives from them. Will you be able to find the odd family secrets that are buried in your home? You'll encounter a gruesome 3D setting full with features and dangers.