Evil Granny Chapter 1

Evil Granny Chapter 1

You can't seem to get the evil granny to back down no matter what you do. In the latest game from the series, she's back to scare the living hell out of you. In Evil Granny Chapter 1, you will be entangled in some very strange affairs. Children now know who Granny is. These creepypasta stories are easily found on the Internet or heard from friends. This scarecrow seems to be merely for scaring children who are naughty. However, it turned out to be quite serious! It's true, Granny does exist. You'll see for yourself.

The goal of your mission is to expel a monster from our world. The only way to accomplish this is by going to the house where she lived and committed her atrocities during her lifetime. Once you're inside, you can't just leave. The only way out of this place is to find eight books. Good luck!


Arrow keys/AWSD - move
Shift - running
Mouse - aim and shoot
Space - leap
F - pick up an object
T - inhibition
R - reload
V - butt
T - slow motion
CTRL / X - sit down

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