Escape from Blue Monster

Escape from Blue Monster

Escape From Blue Monster is a new baby escape game in which you have to cut away any obstacles in your way, including Blue Monster.


Escape from Blue Monster is a great new addition to the popular online Poppy Playtime Games. We couldn't pass up the chance to tell you all about this game. The big Blue Monster will grab you right away and hug you. You can't stand the cute bear's sharp teeth. You should get food and eat it, then run away from the Blue Monster. Also, don't hit the balls, as they will slow you down. Bombs that can stun and blow up any nearby balls can be bought in the shop. One can buy a rage knife. For a while, you will be invincible and able to cut through any obstacle, even the Blue Monster!

How to play

Mouse (or motion joystick on mobile devices) - movement. Z: Throw a bomb. Use the knife of rage