Error #54 is an excellent game in which the primary purpose is to get more information on the computer virus that is gradually taking control of our globe.

The Directions for Error#54

When you play the terrifying video game Error#54, you will find yourself in the middle of terrifying situations. You simply need to pay attention to every sound and get further knowledge about the computer infection in order to succeed. The whole planet has been infected with a computer virus, including all of the various electronic devices and gadgets. The computer virus infiltrated secure financial systems, drained the accounts, and then re-entered the system to continue its spread. Because you never know what or who you could discover in this horrifying game, you'll be on the very edge of your seat the whole time you play it.

The Primary Features

  • There are three distinct kinds of projectiles that may be used with a shotgun: straight bullets, grenades, and buckshot that has been split.
  • A Game That Is Simple to Pick Up
  • More than 900 levels to go through and eliminate zombies.
  • graphics of a very high standard
  • Enjoy free play.

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How to play

  • WASD: Move
  • SHIFT: Run
  • Use Mouse: Look Around
  • E: Interact
  • F: Flashlight
  • G: Add to Inventory
  • Right CLick With Mouse: Cancel/Continue
  • ESC” Game Menu
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