Clash Of Warriors

Clash Of Warriors

Clash of Warriors is an excellent puzzle game in which the player must first gather and choose from a variety of 90 distinct magic cards before correctly positioning those cards in order to win.

Instructions for Clash Of Warriors

The game Clash of Warriors was developed by Inlogic Software. You will need to acquire winning stars, coins, and cards in order to level up and merge into more powerful ones. If you want to win, you should strive to switch out the card for one with a lower number. Unlocking all 10 arenas will grant you access to a plethora of rewards and opportunities.

Advice and instructions

  • Obtain crystals by amassing a fleet of alien ships.
  • Participate in Player vs. Player Tournaments
  • Gain privileges and benefits by accomplishing certain goals.
  • Capture drones to earn additional reward points.
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