Build Your Aquarium

Build Your Aquarium

The objective of the game Build Your Aquarium is to locate all of the underwater elements of the Aquarium while simultaneously unlocking as many tanks as you can.

How to play Build Your Aquarium

Obtain victory To become the most prosperous aquarium tycoon, all you need to do is go to the depths of the ocean and collect a wide variety of fish via the process of building your aquarium. You have the option of either enhancing your persona or expanding your aquarium with the money that you will earn. The fish that you are able to catch are within your reach. Because the majority of fish will run away if you go too near to them, you need to keep a safe distance from them.


  • Your aquarium will undergo transformations as you progress.
  • Adorn your aquarium with art.
  • In order to level up, you must first earn coins by performing tasks and then beating opponents.

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