Backrooms: Escape from Slederman

Backrooms: Escape from Slederman

Backrooms Escape from Slederman is a great Backrooms game in which you must become a hostage.


Your hero was taken to Backstage through a dimensional portal. The worst place in the world is backstage. It's a huge building with many offices. There won't be anyone else to see or hear. You'll only see yellow hallways and hear fluorescent lights humming. In the middle of all this, a scary creature is hiding. It goes from room to room looking for someone else to eat. Slenderman is the name of this thing.

Rules to win

Slenderman is ready for you in a lot of ways. You will be chased by the monster until you figure out how to get to Backstage. You have to find the key to get the doors to open. You should quickly go through all the rooms and find the key to the treasure door. Remember that you only have a certain amount of time to find the treasure and that you have to be there to open the door. Have fun, and all the best!