Among vs Creeper

Among vs Creeper

You will be attempting to amass strong weapons and battle the monsters in the game Among vs Creeper, which is a fantastic game for fans of the Among Us series.

These are the instructions for Among vs Creeper

You may kick off a decisive battle by playing Among vs Creeper. You need to keep some distance between yourself and the asteroids or you'll end up losing. Instead, you should go about space and pull power-ups and shields for yourself, then employ them to your advantage.

You are able to maintain a full circle of energy at all times. If you run into any asteroids, this circle will begin to contract until it reaches 0% and then halt. You should also exercise extreme caution around bosses since they have the ability to fire back at your character. Your endurance will improve as a result of light points, and your pleasure will also rise.

How to play

Control with the mouse or your finger on your phone

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