5 Nights at Monster School

5 Nights at Monster School

An entertaining FNAF game, 5 Nights at Monster School tasks players with making noises and invading the school in an effort to destroy it.

How to Play

A Minecraft game with a novel spin on the FNAF formula, How to Play 5 Nights at Monster School.Herobrine lost his temper with the noisy kids at Monster School. Herobrine vowed to destroy Monster School and everything associated with it with his crossbow, wooden arrows, and TnT.


It's important that you keep an eye on the six surveillance cameras that have been placed in various rooms and hallways around the building. As the wicked master Herobrine prowls the halls at night, you must do all in your power to catch it. You need to be able to read messages, respond to calls, and solve problems without missing a beat. Stay alert and out of the way to avoid any trouble.

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