Zombies Shooter Part 2

Zombies Shooter Part 2

Zombies Shooter Part 2 is an engaging shooting game with a zombie theme that requires you to hit every zombie in order to win!


In the shooting video game Zombies Shooter Part 2, you take out zombies on the streets. It carries on from the start. These zombies may be driven out of the city by you!


a zombie-filled new metropolis. There are several new kind of zombies out there. Mutant firemen breathed fire out of their mouths. Amazing mutants are capable of throwing stones. The zombie soccer player has lightning-quick reflexes.

How to play

  • Mouse = look around
  • WASD or arrow keys = move
  • W + Shift = run
  • Space = jump
  • Left mouse button = shoot
  • Right mouse button = aim
  • Mouse wheel - next / previous weapon
  • 1-7 = weapon hotkeys
  • R = reload
  • G = throw a grenade