Tomb of the Mark 2

Tomb of the Mark 2

To accomplish Tomb of the Mark 2, you must conquer a variety of challenges, including perilous traps and terrifying opponents. Furthermore, it has an engaging gameplay like Tomb of the Mask.

Instructions for Tomb of the Mark 2

As you play Tomb of the Mark 2, you are ready to go on a thrilling adventure in a never-ending maze. The game is generated procedurally and does not have a finale. There are a total of twenty levels to complete. To unlock each of them, you must do it one at a time, beginning with the first.

Before you can progress, you must collect all of the coins in each level. It is advised that you collect both stars and coins. On each level, you have the ability to acquire three stars. You can raise your score by mastering all of the available options.

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