The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats is a thrilling game in which you must devise a cunning plan in order to triumph over all of your opponents while taking in the game's gorgeous visuals.


The engaging casual game Battle Cats mixes aspects of both action and adventure for a unique gaming experience. To engage in combat with a particular cat, you only just touch on it. At first, the only cats you have available to assault the opposing base are normal cats. During the course of the battle, you will need to set some money aside for your kitties.

Basic Battle Cats

  • Basic Cat - This basic cat is easy to raise, does not cost too much, but has extremely mediocre stats.
  • Tank Cat - The Tank Cat is not only cheap, but it also has a rather short cooldown.
  • Axe Cat - The Axe Cat is an all-arounder that has a cheap cost and a fast cooldown.
  • The first long-range damage dealer for the Battle Cats would be the Gross Cat.
  • Cow Cat - A cow cat is a unit that moves quickly, has reasonable health, but is not a particularly excellent all-rounder.
  • When teamed with tank cats, bird cats have the ability to kill peons in a semi-melee fashion.
  • The fishcat is the authentic tanker cat. Also known as the fishcat. It has a large health pool and a good resistance against enemies with red health bars.