Supremacy 1914

Supremacy 1914

In the classic strategy game Supremacy 1914, your goal is to completely destroy your adversaries by outnumbering them and overpowering them with the firepower of your own army.


The video game Supremacy 1914 was a collaborative effort between two companies: Germany's Bytro Labs and the United States' Bigpoint Games. It is easy to understand why you would feel compelled to build workshops in which you can improve your technological skills. In the face of a challenge, amateurs usually go headfirst into the situation. Do not put yourself in such predicament. You should instead strengthen your defenses to prevent an early assault from being launched against you. You can get in touch with the authorities of your country and ask for an alliance.

Because future rounds will bring higher prices, now is a good time to store up on items that are required for play. The next step is to select a nation in which to construct, and then to begin molding the landscape in the surrounding region. It is a good idea to inquire about the perspectives of both your possible enemies and potential friends before initiating an attack. While you are engaged in combat, you are permitted to transmit propaganda and to communicate with both your enemies and allies using military lingo.

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