Super Ninja Plumber

Super Ninja Plumber

A wonderful action adventure game, Super Ninja Plumber challenges players to complete their objectives by progressing through a series of increasingly difficult stages.

Instructions for Super Ninja Plumber.

The platforming and adventure gameplay of Super Ninja Plumber was clearly influenced by Mario. Jump to destroy the first block in your path, then move either left or right to continue exploring this incredible environment. You can acquire goods and coins by headbutting the bricks throughout the entire game. This will allow you to progress. Get your hands on the mushrooms, and develop your size. Consuming mushrooms is one way to increase your ninja skills. You have the option of either attacking your opponents with shurikens or simply jumping over them. You may access Ninja Plumber for free on the internet.

Super Ninja Plumber: Features

  • Arena battles are explosive
  • High-detail arenas
  • Guilds
  • Give yourself a tonne of rewards for your hard work.

How to play

Arrows = move / crouch, Z = jump, X = throw shuriken

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