Squid impostor Golden Key

Squid impostor Golden Key

Squid impostor Golden Key is an awesome game that tests your ability to remain calm while defeating waves upon waves of enemies. Whenever the intangible golden keys appear in the correct spots, you will be allowed to go to the next level.

Squid impostor Golden Key Instructions

Any fake squids you come across should be eliminated immediately. You do this by continually landing on top. The door leading to the next stage will magically open and a golden key will emerge. Acquiring everything as soon as it becomes available is crucial if you want to improve your score. Players of the arcade game Golden Key may choose to take charge of any one of the game's four controllers, or of hordes of them.

The bad guys are carrying a bag full of keys, and it's your job to steal it. Each squid has a unique character and set of abilities that make him perfect for this task.

How to play

WASD + Mobile touch control to play

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