Shoot Your Nightmare Double Trouble

Shoot Your Nightmare Double Trouble

 In the fantastic action game Shoot Your Nightmare Double Trouble, your goal is to make it through all of the stages without falling while exploring both the forests and the sewers.


Your objective in this first-person shooter horror game is to complete the level Double Trouble. You have to search the environment for the hidden clocks that are dispersed across it, and you may use whatever weapon you have against the foes. You will play the role of a courageous young woman who did not give up, but instead took things into her own hands.

How to play

  • W A S D to walk around
  • Mouse to Look around
  • Left Mouse Button to Fire
  • Right Mouse Button to Aim
  • Mouse Wheel To Change Weapons
  • G for Grenades
  • R to Reload
  • F to Pickup Items
  • Left Shift to Run
  • Left CTRL to Crouch
  • X to Prone
  • V to Melee
  • Space to Jump
  • C To Change from FPS to TPS
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