Rainbow Friends: Rocket Ninja

Rainbow Friends: Rocket Ninja

In Rainbow Friends: Rocket Ninja, the primary objective is to make it to Huggy Waggy and sever him in two, regardless of the number of times this objective may show up.

Instructions for Rainbow Friends: Rocket Ninja

Roblox's Rainbow Friends Games category is one of its most popular, and Rainbow Rocket Ninja is a game that belongs to that category. Reaching Huggy Wuggy, cutting down the character, gathering the coins, and avoiding the traps are the requirements for victory in this game. When playing on a personal computer, you have the option of using either the mouse or your finger to draw a route for the Blue Friend to fly down with his jetpack. Then you need make sure that each of them is shortened. Get paid if you can beat all of the levels in a reasonable amount of time! However, it is important to keep in mind that each level is unique. Each one features a different obstacle in addition to a large number of guards. Make sure that you don't lose the keys that you discover. You can play sneaky levels and explore more of the game with these keys in your inventory.

Main Features

  • Finish a significant number of levels.
  • Find a way to get rid of the guards or slip past them.
  • Weapons and Equipment - Make use of all of the equipment at your disposal.
  • Discover more by amassing a collection of keys.
  • Choose items and concoctions of a higher quality overall.

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