Mr Noob Fighter

Mr Noob Fighter

The game Mr. Noob Fighter is an extraordinary experience that focuses on Noob, and it is your job to assist him in overcoming the challenges and adversaries that he faces along the way.

How to play Mr Noob Fighter

Individuals who like playing free Noob games will find that Mr. Noob Fighter is the ideal option. As the player progresses through this labyrinth, the objective of the game is for them to assume the role of a courageous Noob and make it through all of the opposing adversaries. Be sure to remember to engage in combat with all of the creatures, leap over obstacles, and collect all of the money. 


  • A variety of weapons, each with over one hundred different skins to acquire and use.
  • Take pleasure in twenty maps that have been meticulously and exquisitely produced.

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How to play

PC controls:

  • Move with the keys
  • A to attack,
  • S to move and
  • D to defend

Mobile controls:

  • Tap the buttons on the screen to attack,move and defend yourself.
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