Mini Monkey Mart

Mini Monkey Mart

Incredible fun may be had in the form of a 3D clicker game called Mini Monkey Mart. You should go to the birds that you have been feeding bananas to and collect their eggs, then place them on the counter.

Instructions for Mini Monkey Mart

You will need to walk around from one station to the next in order to plant different kinds of fruit, such as bananas or maize. You can begin harvesting once everything else has been collected. Put the things that people can choose from on your stall so that they can make their selections. Eggs can be produced from the chicken if these fruits are given to it. It is possible for you to gather all you have and transport it to your business in order to make it accessible to your clients.

You can now get compensated for the services and products you provide simply by working behind the register at the store. Get the food and bring it to the people who have placed orders. To help boost your shop, consider hiring some additional employees.

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