Mine Shooter Monsters Royale

Mine Shooter Monsters Royale

Mine Shooter Monsters Royale is a fantastic action game in which the primary objective is to eliminate all zombies while having as much fun as possible.

Guidelines for Mine Shooter Monsters Royale

Greetings, and thank you for joining us here in Mine Shooter Monsters Royale! It's a straightforward and entertaining crossover that brings together renowned characters from two very successful series. You only have to finish all of the tasks, explore the vast outdoor landscapes, kill Huggy-Wuggies and zombies, collect money, and then use those monies to buy better weaponry. After that, you will have accomplished your goal of vanquishing the forces of evil for good.


  • The gameplay is simple yet difficult.
  • There are many different game modes to choose from.
  • Participate in a game in which you are pitted against other participants.

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How to play


  • PRESS W, A, S, D OR THE ARROW KEYS to move.


  • USE THE MOUSE to aim.
  • LEFT CLICK to shoot.
  • RIGHT CLICK to zoom in.
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