Mine Shooter

Mine Shooter

The basic purpose of Mine Shooter, a wonderful action game, is to eliminate creepers by evading gigantic stone golems before they erupt.

Instructions for Mine Shooter

Protect the MineWorld from the enemy assault. You may use machine guns, handguns and bazookas to eliminate foes. How do you assess your likelihood of survival? Now is the moment to display your talents and preserve our planet.

Some Features

  • Character customisation is enormous! Create own skins and show them in multiplayer.
  • You can battle with your friends or random strangers.
  • Block worlds that are sprawling!
  • Eye-popping Minecraft visuals!
  • Amazing sound effects and great melody! Use headphones for the best sound experience!

How to play

  • Mouse – look around
  • WASD – movement
  • W + Shift – Run
  • Space – jump
  • Left Mouse Button – Shoot
  • Right Mouse Button (Hold) – Aim
  • Mouse wheel – next/leading
  • weapon 1-7 – weapon hotkeys
  • R – reload
  • F – knife attack 1
  • Q – knife attack 2
  • G – throw a grenade
  • T – inspect the weapon
  • E – remove / remove weapon
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