Kingdom Wars TD

Kingdom Wars TD

You need to be ready for the task of surviving two dangerous waves in Kingdom Wars TD, which is an awesome adventure game like no other.

A guide to playing Kingdom Wars TD

Have you been anticipating a game that would provide you with a breathtaking experience and stunning visuals? If the answer is yes, you need to look at Kingdom Wars TD. The objective of this game is to protect your fortress and prevail over all of the five troops: archers, warriors, and priests. The game has five soldiers. Bear in mind that you must construct a powerful army. Gather riches in each of the more than 400 levels that make up Kingdom Wars, and enlist the assistance of heroes and epic figures to assist them in their mission to capture opposing castles.

Principal Features

  • To get an advantage in the game, you should try to acquire riches at each and every level.
  • In order to plan, there are six different Booster Items available.
  • Acquire gems and riches at every level of the game.

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