House of Hazards

House of Hazards

An fascinating multiplayer cookery game, House of Hazards challenges players to complete all of the game's chores while avoiding as many potential dangers as possible.

How to Play

Your ultimate objective is to escape the home in which you are currently trapped. There are going to be a lot of responsibilities that fall on your shoulders. Take a close look at the screen to determine what kinds of hazards are waiting for you there.

In order to avoid some of the traps, you will need to crawl while others demand you to leap over them. It is possible for you to lose consciousness if you are struck by a door, a light, or even a piece of bread that escapes from the toaster.

How to play


Jump: “W”
Move left and right: “A,D”
Crouch and Fire: “S”


Jump: “I”
Move left and right: “J,L”
Crouch and Fire: “K”

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