Highway Apocalypse Drive

Highway Apocalypse Drive

Highway Apocalypse Drive is an enthralling horror driving game in which you are tasked with gathering gasoline and making repairs so that you may continue your trip. In addition to this, you must dodge obstacles as well as zombies.

Instructions for Highway Apocalypse Drive

You will be required to travel in an armored vehicle and to remain for the maximum amount of time. It is necessary to eliminate monsters and gather resources along the path in order to improve one's vehicle. These levels are dispersed over a variety of environments, including canyons, deserts, cities, and suburban areas, amongst others. You have the ability to customize the gameplay to your liking by selecting the difficulty level, vehicle upgrades, and other options.

Key Feature

  • An action-packed racing game featuring bombs and devastation.
  • Experience a total of 90 post-apocalyptic stages and 5 challenging bosses.
  • Choose from one of the 10 possible death automobiles.
  • 15 different foes to beat
  • Your arsenal, transportation, and weapons may all be upgraded via one of the four possible improvements.

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