Halloween Wheelie Bike

Halloween Wheelie Bike

Halloween Wheelie Bicycle is a fun Halloween driving game in which you have to ride your bike as far as you can while kêp balance 


On a Saturday afternoon, it's relaxing and fun to ride a bike through the streets. You might like taking chances, so let's make it fun! To get as far as you can in this game, you have to pedal and do a wheelie. This move is hard to pull off in real life. Our game has simple controls, so it's easy to do. You can use your mouse to play the game. Click "Play" to get to the main menu. Your character will move without your help.

Rules to win

All you have to do to start and keep a wheelie going is click on the screen at the right times. You should know that your body has a lot of different parts. If the front wheel is on the ground, you can raise it by clicking on the screen. When you do it so often, your back will hurt and you'll get tired of it. The game is over when your front wheel falls or hits the ground.

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