Gym Muscle Merge Tycoon

Gym Muscle Merge Tycoon

Gym Muscle Merge Tycoon is an exciting battle game in which you are tasked with the creation and transformation of a team of combatants into genuine muscle champions.

How to play Gym Muscle Merge Tycoon

For those who enjoy battle games, Gym Muscle Merge Tycoon is currently available on this website. Consider checking it out. To engage in this game, you must first establish a team of combatants. Subsequently, you must connect fighters to enhance their qualities, increase their muscle mass, and generate revenue.   Automatically, a specific sum of money will be awarded to each combatant after a specific duration. Right now, unlock each opponent and engage in combat with them by punching, kicking, and grappling in the arena.

Primary Features

  • Modify and choose your preferred dojo karate ninja approach.
  • Gain promotion by overcoming legendary figures.
  • Unlimited level modes and challenge modes.
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