Gears of Babies

Gears of Babies

Gears of Babies is a great shooter game where you have to make sure you don't miss anything and save the baby.


Gears of Babies is a third-person shooter in which a baby is the main character of an action game. Babies get tired of waiting to be fed and cleaned while the government sends money abroad. Your hero made sure you did not miss anything and did everything. You will have to move through an area full of armed soldiers in order to eliminate any enemy you meet. Let's get out your guns and start eliminating!


Gears of Babies is an exciting third-person shooter in which Nick, a brave baby, will fight for the rights of American babies! You are sick of babies waiting in line for their warm milk or a clean diaper.

You will be running through a 3D environment with armed soldiers. Are you up to the challenge?

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