FNF Music Battle 3D

FNF Music Battle 3D

You are required to gather rhythm signals and assist the Rock Boy in order to play FNF Music Battle 3D, which is one of the most popular games on FNF.

How Do You Play FNF Music Battle 3D

Love music games that have a theme based on FNF. Then you absolutely have to participate in the FNF Music Battle 3D. If you want to win Win All Girls, you will need to take control of the Rock Boy and gather all of the Rytheme Signals. You will also be required to collaborate with other gamers and your pals in order to compose a melody that is one of a kind. Recall that you must traverse the three-dimensional world with accuracy and that you must match your motions with the songs that are catchy.

Fantastic Features

  • Music battle gameplay that is both the most immersive and the most unique.
  • Characters from the Original MOD.
  • Music is playing in the background.

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