Flag Capture

Flag Capture

Playing a game of Flag Capture with your companions is an option. If any of your foes try to prevent you from stealing the national flag, you must eliminate them as quickly as possible by shooting, freezing, blowing, or burning them.

Instructions on Flag Capture

In the game of Flag Capture, the objective is to retrieve your team's flag from a base controlled by the opposing team. Flag Capture, a mobile game known for its competitive gameplay and intriguing features, is quickly becoming one of the most popular games in the mobile gaming industry.

Rule to Success

To come out on top, you'll need to work together. It is imperative that you maintain open lines of communication with the rest of your squad and that you all collaborate in order to successfully seize the flag.

You must be aware of your role and refrain from using cover. Recognise your place in the team, and play to your abilities.


  • The action moves quite quickly.
  • Players are encouraged to play to the best of their abilities and come out on top of the competition in this game.
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