Dear Grim Reaper

Dear Grim Reaper

Dear Grim Reaper is an excellent choice for Halloween, as it allows you to find out how many years left you have.


To find out how many years have passed, you will need to answer several questions. The Grim Reaper will come after you. You need to answer as many questions possible so that how long you have to live. Enjoy answering the questions and having fun with the game. However, the survey results are not real. This survey is for entertainment purposes only. Is it possible to avoid the Grim Reaper's wrath?

Rules for Success

First, select your birth date, month and year. You can also choose your weight, whereabouts you live in the world, how much sleep you get each night, and how long you'll live. The Grim Reaper needs to know everything about you, including what you eat and drink, your personality, where you live, what you do, how active, how many hours each day you sleep, and how long you have hair. Once Grim knows all about you, he will be able to tell how much time you have left. You will have much to offer, there is no doubt.

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