Darkraid: Delilah

Darkraid: Delilah

You must use weapons to battle opponents in the interesting shooting game Darkraid: Delilah while taking in the stunning scenery.


Darkrai is a Pokemon with a dark color. It is little in height and has a ghostly white plume that looks like hair. It has a scarlet, spiky growth on its neck. Long, black tatters hang from its shoulders, and it has lean arms. Its hands are dark and resemble claws. Darkraid: Delilah is a powerful attacker when combined with the hypnotoxic laser. This necessitates a complex setup with another Pokemon in order for your adversary to respond. You just need one Item card to keep the Special Condition on your opponent's Active Pokemon. Darkraid: Delilah can proceed after that for an immediate knockout! Before Darkraie-, Darkrai deck now has the opportunity to easily defeat another strong Pokemon or Pokemon EX. Later, Darkraid's Dark Pulse strike can cause havoc if you have enough Darkness Energy. Darkraid: Delilah's unbridled power makes it a deck to keep an eye on in Expanded.

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