Bouncing Chick

Bouncing Chick

It is necessary for you to come as close to your nest as you can while avoiding any dangers and obstructions in Bouncing Chick.

Bouncing Chick instructions

Each and every age group may enjoy playing the game. While you are striving to face all of the challenges that are on the route, you will need to manage your chick so that it can go as far as possible. Maintain your momentum by continuing to bounce, acquiring power-ups, and remaining in the game in order to build up your score. If you hit any of the black balls, the game is finished!

Main Features

  • Feel a rush that is not just tremendous but also swift and continuous.
  • Find boosters that are both distinctive and unusual.
  • The gameplay is hard, but the mechanics are quick.
  • Online competition on the leaderboard will help you accomplish your objectives.
  • Delight in the lively images and the lively music.
  • Why are you still holding out for something? The moment has come to begin playing this arcade game, so get started! See this site for many more games that are filled with exciting action! In the meantime, you may like to try out Color Rings 3x3 or 3D Ball Fall.
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