Angry Guys

Angry Guys

Angry Guys is a fantastic casual game in which you have to fire your adversaries, demolish everything that stands in your way, and explode!

Directions for Angry Guys

In order to secure victory in Angry Guys, all that is required of you is to carefully analyze the scenario, act on instinct, and then aim the enormous slingshot in the appropriate direction. The path that was left behind by your last shot might serve as a roadmap for you to follow when you make your next move. The game offers a wide variety of interesting stages, each of which requires you to remove all of the adversaries.

Key Features

  • There has been an increase in the rewards for activities and missions.
  • It is necessary to complete objectives and engage with characters.
  • Any and all types of weapons
  • Incentives should be used to keep players engaged.

There are a few different games that you may pick from, two of which being Granny 2 and Dusty Maze Hunter.

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