Among And Meteors

Among And Meteors

The addicting video game Among And Meteors gives players the opportunity to choose a character, gain points, break records, and work their way up the scoreboard

Instructions for Among and Meteors

In the 1980s, during the period of 8-bit microcomputers like the ColecoVision and the Atari 2600, the Among and Meteors genre made its debut for the first time. The player's character takes control of a little blue ball that must make its way across the universe. He is required to destroy everything and steer clear of the hazardous meteor showers.

In each level, you will be tasked with gathering four different items. It will be necessary to use a meteor as a key in order to open the entrance to the cage. The animals will be able to breathe thanks to the oxygen tank.

How to play

Click on screen to run.

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